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Lighting "Sorry I didn't find a device named lights" - Alexa Smart Home Group no longer works with simple commands like "Turn off lights" >>
by gmoratorio
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Lighting ZigBee Light Devices problem - The status of Light Devices are not sync with the status of light in Alexa apps. >>
by Edwin Chan
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Lighting Smart Hub +2 More Echo and Insteon issues >>
by SvenJ
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Question Alexa Guard +1 More Wemo Dimmer not connecting with Alexa >>
by fuberwil
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Lighting Outlets +1 More Tp-link device show “Device Unresponsive” from Alexa, but works via Kasa app. >>
by FDR iPad
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Lighting Resolved Turn on/off lights at sunset/sunrise >>
by LoveAlexa
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Feature Request Lighting Echo Home Automation Suggestions >>
by Einstein
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Lighting Smart Hub I found a "screw in" Motion Floodlight that support Alexa >>
by faengelm
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Lighting Sengled routine not triggering >>
by Arias lee
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Lighting Feature Request How do I customize Hue lights through Alexa? >>
by david77
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Lighting All Sengled Lights Suddenly Unresponsive >>
by ssouthar
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Lighting Echo plus not discovering my Philips Hue bulb >>
by Doug Ellis
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Question Lighting Philips Hue lights not connecting to Echo Plus >>
by shedges
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Lighting Resolved Groups Not Working with Hue Bulbs >>
by Hlamberson
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Lighting Can I use the Echo Plus as hub to connect to Lutron Caseta dimmer/switches? >>
by paullam15
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