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Feature Request Door locks Routines: Is there any way to add delays between commands and to specify the execution order. >>
by demoos
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Feature Request Lighting Controlling lights with 2 users on Echo plus >>
by DJ219
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Feature Request Other solutions Alexa Controlled Microwave >>
by A Munoz
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Feature Request Lighting Echo Home Automation Suggestions >>
by Einstein
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Feature Request Thermostats Ecobee4 Integration >>
by Cary
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Feature Request Door locks Query the status of a Smart Thing >>
by Zdravko
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Feature Request Other solutions Echo Spot Does Not Work With IFTTT >>
by Chick Webb
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Feature Request Other solutions Smart smoke / carbon monoxide detector like NEST with Alexa built-in >>
by NathanielB
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Feature Request Feedback Skills in a Routine? >>
by Raider Duck
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Lighting Resolved +1 More Using bulbs with the same name in different groups >>
by Sr. Stark
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Cameras Feature Request Plans for exterior battery-powered version of Cloud Cam. >>
by Future Moose
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Feature Request Cameras Where does the Amazon Web Cam posts go? >>
by davec25
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Feature Request We were unable to link SYLVANIA Smart Home at this time. >>
by currywurstmann
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Other solutions Feature Request New Alexa Device >>
by DaveL
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Feature Request Cameras Viewing cloud cam with echo show >>
by katkins55
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